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Industrial Chemicals

Industrial Chemicals

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Backed by years of experience and expertise, we are engaged in trading and supplying an extensive range of Industrial Chemicals. These chemicals are accurate in composition and are highly demanded by our customers. We are offering these chemicals in safe packing.

Heat Transfer Fluid

Heat Transfer Fluid

Product Profile :
Mark synth Hi- Tech Therm 60 is a silicon green 100% synthetic thermic fluid which is used to add (or remove) heat from one part of a process and move it to another part of the process where heat is added (or recovered). It is used in applications where steam or water may not work as well. Generation Four Engitech Ltd offers a cost effective Silicon Green Synthetic Thermic Fluid, Hitech Therm 60, a Hitech Solution for effective heat transfer. This 4th generation fluid is manufactured in technical collaboration with world renowned Source Explorer Ltd, Hongkong. Distinct features of Hitech Therm 60 (eco-friendly, non-hazardous) give it a long and low maintenance life resulting into low top ups, reduction in problems of low as well as high boilers. Silicon Green Hitech Therm 60 is a 100% synthetic fluid formulated to take care of several limitations attached to mineral thermic fluids and it is highly compatible with other thermic fluids (it improves fluidity and thermal efficiency of the system when mixed with other mineral as well as synthetic fluids). 


Mixture of Synthetic Fluid 100 %


Silicon Green Liquid

Kinematic Viscocity @ 40 C

20� C Std.

Flash Point

(ASTM D-92)

205� C / 401� F

Max Bulk Temperature

320� C / 608� F

Pour Point

-40� C / -40� F

Boiling Point

361� C / 682� F

Total Acid No.

0.01 mg KOH / g

Moisture Content

<90 ppm

Co-effecient of Thermal Expansion

0.00096/� C

Perfomance :

  • Providing wide range of operation 200 C to 320 C .
  • Long Life .
  • Non Fouling.
  • Superb Low Temperature Pumpability.
  • Compatibility with almost all minerals & synthetic fluids.


We recommend the use of Mark Synth Hi Tech Thermic 60 with other Mineral and synthetic oil but for enhanced performance, we also advise you to contact the team of technicians at Markl Associiates .

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide

As a renowned company, we are involved in supplying and trading a wide array of Hydrogen Peroxide to fulfill the demands of our valued customers. Hydrogen peroxide is basically an oxidizer that is used in various chemical applications. This is an odorless and colorless liquid and is accurate in composition. We ensure safe packing and timely delivery of the products.




  • Purity
  • Low price
  • Safe usage


  • Material: 50% Min Hydrogen Peroxide / H2O2
  • Stability: 97.0 %

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