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High Temperature Chain oils

Clean lubrication with minimum evaporation loss. Superior anti wear properties which extends the chain life. Superior oxidation stability. High temperature fluidity to reduce generation of sludge formation. Does not drip off. Specially designed for textile stentor chain lubrication.
Product Name:Chain Wonder 600
Drop Point: 250�C
Operating Temperature: 230�C

Resistance to high temperature and humidity. Excellent water resistance. Provides adequate protection against rust. Long term lubrication interval. Reduces the formation of carbon residue. Can be used in dry furnace bearing, fan bearing, ID fans, blower fans, exhaust fans, electrical motors and heaters, conveyor system, drying & compacting machine.

Product Name

Mark - GR 555Mark - GR 585Mark - GR 595


Light YellowishBiegeYellowish


Urea Comp., Mineral OilSpl. Complex, Synthetic OilOrg. Complex, Synthetic Oil

Drop Point

270�C 320�C 280�C

Operating Temperature

-20 to 200�C-20 to 250�C-50 to 250�C

Excellent water washout. Protects against rust. High shear stability. Multi-functional grease for textile compacting & Dyeing machine.
Product Name:Mark - GR300
Base:Li. / Ca. Mineral Oil
Drop Point: 190�C
Operating Temperature:-20 to 130�C

Excellent oxidation stability even at high temperature. Higher viscosity index. Excellent corrosion protection. Excellent load carrying ability. Specially suited for highly loaded gear boxes in textile industry.
Appearence:Clear Yellow
Base:Synthetic, Poly Glycol
Drop Point: 280�C
Operating Temperature:-30 to 180�C

High temparature anti-seize prevents metal to metal contact, seizing, galling & fretting corrosion. Provides easy dismanting. Effective anti seize for bolts, nuts, pin, pivot joint, exhaust screw connections etc.
Product Name:Mark Wonder Paste 1000
Appearence:Copper Brown
Base:Mineral Oil with Copper
Drop Point:None
Operating Temperature:-30 to 1100�C

Good adhesive and water Resistance. Low starling resistance. High Cohesivness and silencing. High load carrying and wear protection. Long term lubrication. 
Application : Used for chains, sliding mechanism, door hinges, Springs, Hoist etc.
Dry/wet film lubricant of superior load carrying capacity. Reduces friction under heavy load. Prevents seizing, drag of mechanical parts. Withstands temperature up to 450�C. 
Application :Specially designed for width adjusting screw roads in stentor machine.

Penetrates well. Loosens rusty parts. Magical thin lubricant. Excellent cleaner. Removes moisture. Prevent rust & corrosion. 
Application :Loosening & Removing all the rusted components.
Excellent Lubrication with Powerful anti-wear performance. Efficient Heat & Corrosion Resistance. Readily Scoured from fabric.

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